Our Process

We are practicing off-bottom, deep-water (30+ feet), vertical grow-out farming. Our oysters comfortably nest in cradles one mile off the coast of Shippan Point Long Island Sound. Stella Mar’s unique process was carefully crafted over time, through years of experience and constant improvements.

The Ecology

Long Island Sound provides a nutrient-rich environment for oysters to grow. The current funnels in laterally, creating a compression of the water column, which creates a strong turbulence and mixing effect. This effect gives the oyster a wider variety of plankton to eat, which is evident in the balanced flavor of each Stella Mar oyster.

Our off-bottom equipment gives our oysters the most optimal placement for a prime feeding environment, adding to their flavor and plump, meaty bodies.

Our Gear

Our approach to oyster farming is to sustainably produce the highest amount of quality oysters with the lowest amount of impact. Our off-bottom gear allow us to create approximately 1440 square feet of growing space for every 3 square feet of bottom impact. It is a win-win situation. The oysters thrive in a great habitat, while we manage a sustainable business model that is non-intrusive.

Our Fleet

We have the dream team fleet, which include the Haddit, the Paige Lane, the Camille B, and the MSR. Each vessel is outfitted to allow us to pull up our gear every day to clean, tumble, grade, and harvest our production.

Our Goal

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