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Oyster Week Special

Order our oysters for Oyster Week Special! Get 24, 36, or 48 oysters available for pickup today!

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The Stella Mar Guarantee

Stella Mar produces the East Coast’s finest deep-water oyster. Period. Our off-bottom, vertical grow-out method gives our oysters the most ideal habitat in Long Island Sound.

The unique design of our gear offers the lowest possible benthic impact, while our vertical farming technique allows the oysters to experience a greater range of nutrients in the water column, giving them plump meats and a full range of flavor profiles.


Pickup & Delivery

Stella Mar Oyster Box

What are you waiting for? Get 24, 36, or 48 oysters and the perfect shucking knife in a branded box, delivered to your doorstep in time for dinner.

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A Thriving Ecosystem

Giving Back More Than We Take

Our farm allows us to give back to the environment by creating a thriving ecosystem around us. As a direct result of our farm we have seen a wonderland of essential habitat evolve for other species to live.

A Positive Impact

Stella Mar Oyster Company is dedicated in supporting organizations committed to the restoration and improvement of the Long Island Sound.

The Facts:

✓ Our oysters filter up to 50 gallons of water per day.

✓ For every oyster consumed from our farm, three more are created in the wild.

✓ Each oyster is touched over 20 times before being sent off to market.

Clean Waters

Deeper Is Better

What is “deep water” to many oyster farmers? Most will say water up to their shoulders at high tide.  Stella Mar oysters know a different kind of deep water – 30 feet deep, to be exact.  With excellent tidal velocity and deeper water our oysters get a great variety of food to choose from.

Low Impact is High Impact

Our gear, equipment and techniques maximize production of our farm to grow oysters without reaching full carrying capacity. Even though we are a high-density farm, our vertical grow out doesn’t put pressure on the ecosystem. This “low impact”  process allows us to farm while providing the Sound a “high-impact” return in cleaning waters and contributing to its biodiversity.

The Result

A Stella Mar oyster is a 3″ to 3 1/2″ , beautiful oyster, often recognized for its bronze, golden color and pink feathery edge. Our oysters are the perfect union of careful craftsmanship and sustainable production. That balance is also found in our flavor profile, giving our consumers the best of both worlds: a sip of crisp brine and a distinct velvety, sweet finish.

Our Team

At Stella Mar, we are a family, and our crew is passionate. They’re smart, willing, and have a work rhythm like no other team. We are proud of our team’s longevity and what they bring to the table.

The Stella Mar Promise

A Beautiful Product

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